GO&S Jaquard / Embroidery scarfs
For your special orders, please contact with us. To make a good production plan and catch the leading time, please make your needed delivery time determinated before send us your requirement.

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Jaquard scarfs

 Jaquard / Embroidery scarfs

LOGO/design scarfs

Logo/design scarfs.

Jaquard / Embroidery scarfs

Jaquard / Embroidery scarfs

Mini scarfs

Jaquard / Embroidery scarfs

Jumbo Scarfs

  GO&S about scarf order :    

  Dimensions Min. order quantity Scarf Code
1 color scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ1-16140
2 colors scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ2-16140
3 colors scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ3-16140
4 colors scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ4-16140
5 colors scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ5-16140
6 colors scarf 16x140 cm 75 SJ6-16140
Mini scarf 8x45 cm 200 SJM-845
Mini scarf-junior 10x60 cm 200 SJM2-1060
Jumbo scarf 30x180 cm 200 SJB-30180
Knitting scarf 18X150 cm 100 SJO-18150

For example ; 2 colors - 16x140 cm >>>>>>>>>>

3 colors - 16x140 cm >>>>>>>>>>

4 colors - 16x140 cm >>>>>>>>>>

5 colors - 16 x140 cm (double side, different design)>>>>>>>>>>

Jumbo Scarf 30x180 cm >>>>>>>>>>>>>


Mini Junior Scarf 10x60 cm >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mini Scarf  8x45 cm >>>>>>>>>>>>>